Art can help to relief stress and anxiety improving for sure your life .

Laura Bernardeschi
3 min readNov 29, 2022


Do you know maybe someone who does not love art in this world ?

Everyone is connected to the different aspects of art even if they do not realise this .

Art is music !

Art is poetry !

Art is painting or drawing !

Art is writing !

Art is dancing !

Art is taking pictures !

Art is ceramic !

Art is carving wood !

Art is doing sculptures !

Art is acting !

When i arrived to the UK eleven years ago i did not know all these aspects of art .But then i started to work as life model , photo model and supporting actress in London in prestigious academies of art or universities that my feelings and creativity became more and more involved in this fantastic world .

Art saved my life

Then in the far 2016 arrived an old narcissist man into my life stopping with his poisoning words and inferiority my creative experience and self esteem .

I was convincing myself he was loving me after all and i lived with him for three long years . Now after four years of no contact with this perpetrator, I can honestly admit it was the worst period in whole my life for all the doubts, anxiety , negativity , loneliness .he created in me .

By the way I never stop to look at the positive aspect of my misfortune and i must admit i would not be a painter now if he was not in my life during that period.

In fact while i was trying to escape from his selfish arrogant offensive words, i started to look around the countryside of Marlborough discovering the beautiful colours of the grass, flowers, trees and animals .

During this process i started to paint orchids , roses with water colours and the different tones of green of the hills around Marlborough.

It was so fascinating and exciting to see my creativity finally on a piece of paper that my anxiety and panic attacks started to slow down .

After these artworks in water colours , i moved gradually towards acrylics , mixed media and some craft works like my lovely decorative pebbles .

I have worked as a self taught painter for 5 years now and I will never stop.

After all this experience I continuously advice people to create art , any aspect of art i pointed before .

Art improve the life because make you feel free , happy , creative and important for your contribute to the world.

Laura Bernardeschi alias lauraartist68

Originally published at on November 29, 2022.



Laura Bernardeschi

Actress, life model , blogger and writer , originally from italy but living in Uk since 2011 .She lives for art