Becoming a member of Onlyfans .

During these days of lockdown, I am trying to keep my mind busy.

Also, my body with a 1-hour walks almost every day, when the weather is nice.

But once at home the days and the nights can be very long.

Therefore I try to find new ways to work and earn money legally using all my experience and professionalism gained in the last 9 hours.

So, one day of this week my eyes were captured by a website called Onlyfans.

In the beginning, I was very skeptical, after my experience on purpleport website.

Every time I look for modeling work I try to keep away from my life escort models and perverts hid behind a photo camera.

Unfortunately, that category of people arrived in my life through purpleport included one of my ex .

Anyway, after a bit of research online, reading around feedbacks, and watching videos I decided to join this Onlyfans .

People think it is only connected to the adult industry but it is not true.

Everyone can use the website in the best way he or she prefers.

I was looking for a platform where I can advertise my pictures and videos as a life model

On the standard social media, you can not show nudity or express yourself properly.

Think on Fb I was banned for days for my short stories on animals called Swimdom island because my ex and some of his friends reported me because they could see themselves behind my animals!

Quite Hilarious!

First, we live in a free country with freedom of expression and I can not be blocked for writing stories about pigs, chickens, monkeys, pangolins, and turtles.

Second, How these stupid people can think to be behind my animals? Maybe nobody told them this world is not spinning around them? Nobody is thinking about their sad lives. included.

Anyway, the process of joining Onlyfans is NOT easy because there are some rules to respect for the safety of its subscribers.

Compared to purpleport is much safer because Only fans ask you an ID and a second picture of you next to your ID

Two verifications that keep away perverts, faked profiles, and underage girls.

Once uploaded my Id, you need to wait up to a couple of days to have the ok.

My profile was rejected twice because the pictures on my British passport is different from my actual aspect.

This happens because when I did my British passport I was in the middle of my abusive relationship and my face was reflecting my anxiety unhappiness.

But now I am much better thanks to my new life and the pictures are better.

I appear 10 years younger respect to 2 years ago

So, to join Onlyfans I had to look for another document where my picture is more recent and more similar to me!

Once your profile is accepted you can start to upload your pictures on Onlyfans and cross fingers for

On Fb, Instagram, and Twitter you are uploading your pictures for free, risking to be banned by the rigid and absurd rules of these media.

On Onlyfans you are paid for your pictures!

Really happy for this

Ok guys ..time to go and upload some pictures then!

Thanks for reading




Actress, life model , blogger and writer , originally from italy but living in Uk since 2011 .She lives for art

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Laura Bernardeschi

Laura Bernardeschi

Actress, life model , blogger and writer , originally from italy but living in Uk since 2011 .She lives for art

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