How faked female friends can become dangerous stalkers in your real and virtual world .

The virtual world can be dangerous for everyone.

Fb and Instagram have changed the world where people try their best to appear completely different from what they are in the real life.

Sometimes this strange world can improve people, but most of the time reinforces mental problems and unresolved conflicts coming from the childhood.

By the way everyone tells women to be careful with men no to be stalked or offended or even worse molested or raped… but nobody talks about the danger coming from female friends.

Best rules to adopt on social media .

Avoid posting where you live, what you do in your real life and pictures with other people who live where you live.

If your stalker is among them can be very easy to find the way to arrive up to you.

Unfortunately, rarely people talk about women and how dangerous they can be, even worse if part of your real life and work.

These women do not express themselves and hide their own jealous nature until they can, trying to get all the possible information about you .

They are like a boa constrictor, trying to enter into your life more they can until they have the power to virtually strangle you, and destroy all your life and work if no stopped on time.

These trouble women are unwanted by most of the other people, mean, pathetic with no social life, so they can see you and your attention towards them, the only possibility to escape from their gray prison.

probably a prison started from their childhood with conflicts never solved with their parents

You are not a friend for them, they smile to you, but they hate you and your success that never will arrive to them!

You are just a sort of tool that can help them with your kindness and trust to become alive and be noticed also from the other people because they are seen with you .

One of these women is a selfish Swindon girl, half of my age, writing around my same posts about the abuses (that she never received), modeling work, and declaring to be an experienced actress even if her best work is taking pictures in unknown studios of that roundabout town with pensioners or perverts.Addicted to me she has always tried to ruin my relationships and modeling work when I was living around Swindon sharing gossip with my ex and his friends.

Another one is a woman with no artistic experience, social life, sex appeal working from home, trying immediately to know all the gossips of people of the same group as soon as she was accepted under the skin of a kind and reasonable mother, wearing the same type of my outfits even if twice my body, and trying to join my casting agencies to become an actress.

It is like I want to become a new Nicole Kidman and start to talk around about her personal life, wearing her same outfits, trying to know her friends and contacts at work.I can understand that when you are a known artist many people love you and are inspired by your life, but when they become too much addicted, it is the right moment to do a step back.

How to recognize an unusual behavior?

In a first moment I did not give importance in the fact these two women were following me everywhere through these social media (I have 3 profiles on Fb , 5 on Instagram, 2 on twitter and 1 on ticktock even if I use them only to advertise my work without getting in touch with conversations on messengers or WhatsApp).

For example, as soon as I posted something one of the two women immediately added her I like under the post.. whatever I have written.. but in the real life she criticized other people and I for what we were writing on Instagram.

When I decided to keep her far from my life blocking her everywhere , she started to follow me with faked profiles and could discover that thank to some websites that show the IP address and location!

I am very concerned about their mental health, but first of all I must think of my life and freedom of expression .


The best thing to do is keeping such assholes far from us as soon as we understand their real nature asking the other friends in contact with them to stop talking about us.

Avoid public information on these social media and try no to go around where you could meet these pathetic women.

Our mental health does not need it therefore act firmly to keep them in the bin outside your door.

Thanks for reading




Actress, life model , blogger and writer , originally from italy but living in Uk since 2011 .She lives for art

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Laura Bernardeschi

Laura Bernardeschi

Actress, life model , blogger and writer , originally from italy but living in Uk since 2011 .She lives for art

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