Poverty in the UK created by the confusion on self-employed income support, furlough scheme for PAYE employees of agencies working on-call and job seekers allowance denied to both of them.

I was born in Italy but arrived in Uk in 2011 because bored by Berlusconi, the scandal of his Bunga Bunga parties, the Pope, the Catholic church and its illimited power on the country, and all the nasty staff connected at a wrong politics.

When I arrived in Uk, I was very happy and the system seemed working properly and efficiently.

I decided to become British and in 2018 I had finally my citizenship and passport.

It was a long process where I had to pay almost £2.000 ( i did everything by myself otherwise I had to pay more for the help of a solicitor) and I had to study lots of history and rules.

I decided to become self-employed in 2017 because bored to work in a MacDonalds or Sainsbury and be paid with the minimum wage. At that time I was living in London and the cost of living was very expensive and £6.85 per hour were no too much to pay the bills.

So I decided to become self-employed trying to use my abilities.

I restarted to teach Italian, I became again a tour guide in London, brand ambassador, interpreter and hostess for events.

Moreover, I am also an artist and opened my website to sell artworks and started to model for Institutes of art in London, Bristol and Bath as a living model.

Every year I have done my self-assessment and paid my taxes.

With the start of the COVID-19 I expected to receive help from the government but everything has gone wrong and if I am here is thanks at my savings after a life of hard work.

But in the same situation, there are many other people risking to find themselves homeless or living a life of poverty.

Shops are closed.

There is no work and the Government has found a formula no to pay lots of the self-employed.

At the moment there is a petition to sign because these people exist and can not be forgotten!

The strange formula for the self-employer income support.

In the formula, there is a strange calculation.

They add everything you earn in a year at the total income.

Then they calculate your self-employed profit.

The self-employed profit is based on your earnings less everything you paid to be self-employed increasing drastically the gap with the total income.

In the end, if your profit as a self employee is less than 50% of the half of the total income you can forget any help.

The problem is many self-employed are allowed to work as PAYE ( pay as you ear ) or better obliged by many agencies who hired them to work on-call.

These people are registered with many agencies to work for example like a hostess for events or brand ambassador and they work on call.

The agencies call them for the days they need.

Many employees in PAYE are not receiving any furlough.

With the arrival of COVID-19, the Government created the furlough scheme but it left the freedom to the agencies to choose the people to furlough.

A strategic formula for the government because the employers working for the agencies like accountants are lazy cows and any excuse is good to work less.

And as a result, most of the workers on the call (self-employed forced by these agencies to be paid as PAYE) were not furloughed ( everything can be found in so many groups on FB ! )

Just las week an agency wrote to me saying they are very sorry but can not furlough me?

Really ?? I worked for them in January and February and I earnt good money.

I paid my taxes and received my P60 … but they do not furlough me because it is too much work? Why the Government did not force them to pay everyone?

These agencies are not paying attention to us.

They are hypocrites and liars and any excuse is good no to pay their self employers forced to work as PAYE.

If these agencies allowed these people to work as self employers instead than PAYE, they could receive probably the income support scheme.

But the puzzle created by the team of Boris seems perfect to avoid these payments.

But I decided to see where the system was arriving.

I was married for sixteen years with an accountant and I always like to know the tax system of a country.

I used a website to see if I was entitled to some benefit and at the end, it seemed I could ask for the new Jobseeker allowance

But again a surprise.

The confusion between the national insurance class 1 and class 2

When you work as self-employed your taxes are paying the Nation insurance Class 2.

When you work as an employee your taxes pay national insurance Class 1.

For the formula of the income support for self-employed created during the COVID-19 my earnings as PAYE are separated by my earning as a self employer.

But for the job seekers allowance everything I earn like PAYE ( employer ) is going to pay the national insurance class 2 for self-employed.

This system is very controversial and seems done no to pay people who work hard. A perfect puzzle of the clever Government!?

Many people who are risking seriously the poverty, are asking why the Government is not forcing the agencies to pay every single person who worked for them as PAYE or why that barrier of the 50% for self employers income support.

Now all the attention is concentrated towards that politician going around during the lockdown but people seem to forget that the highest rate of death for COVID-19 is in the UK among the countries in Europe?


The lockdown started maybe too late?

I started before Boris said to stay at home because I was looking at what was happening in Italy, my home country.

Thousand of people were dying every single day in Italy while in London, the tube was full of people!

No mass texts, no masks, no a serious lockdown.

You go to the supermarkets and risk to get infected because once inside you find yourself shopping next to dozens of people.

Without forgetting the borders have always been left opened, airports included… but why ?? Did not they vote pro-Brexit to be out of Europe?

This country is drastically divided into 4 pieces.

I would say quartered!

England, Wales, Scotland and North Ireland

Every single country decide its rules creating a mess!

Moreover, there are problems for Brexit because now this country is losing any help from Bruxelles.

Probably we do not know but the bank of England has no money left and the public debts are bad? !?

I am not happy with the situation and really worried about my health and future.

You ask questions but nobody answers you.

Then if you do not speak English like the Queen they ignore you.

Nobody answers your question but ready to take your money.

A new peasants revolution could start after the black COVID 19

Thanks for reading



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