Stop thinking mature women can not have sex with their orgasms because too old for it .

Too many lies about mature women .

Look at me for example.

53 years ago but still good in shape , size 8 , good skin , good hair and brilliant sense of humour .

I am not as young as 20 years ago but still now i can enjoy myself … at least i try my best .

Two ex husbands, an abusive relationship with an English man from Swindon ten years older than me and single for only 5 years since i was 19 !

But those 5 years have been the best to discover myself and what i like more .

Unfortunately a few mature women , married with the same husband for ages think that their sexual life is over after 50s because of the menopause .

Others are too lazy , other scaried to start dating again , other uninterested to look for sex.

But sex is a very important moment of the human beings and should not be scarified for fear of religions and judgmental words of bigots or selfish husbands or relatives .

Mature women and orgasm .

A mature woman know herself better than a girl in her late 10s or early 20s and should look for a man who can give her the right pleasure to be happy .

Many times i have heard that women can not have an orgasm if they do not love their man.

This is the biggest lie ever heard !

Often a woman can not have an orgasm with the man she loves because he does not know how to do sex or is too bored or selfish to make her happy .

Too often men over 50s think mature women are not worthy in bed but they loose a big occasion to enjoy themselves .

First of all mature women are in menopause and they do not risk to get pregnant …therefore they are more relaxed , happier and braver to ask what they are looking for … asking what you like is not a sin !! nobody gets ashamed to ask a bit of more salt on a steak if it is not enough , lol !

I always tell mature women to try younger men if their ex husbands or boyfriends left them for someone younger .

They are ready to make a lady happy who is enough brave to ask what she likes more . Sometimes these young guys are feeling a bit insecure with girls of their own age and they prefer to spend time with an older woman who feels honoured to have their attentions and is not looking for a long term relationship .

Sex is very important and the release of hormones keep under control anxiety and stress .. the skin and hair become better and a person who thinks to be attractive and loved is more positive .

Only people who loves themselves first , can give and receive love.

Never forget this

and orgasms are part of this game.

so not be shy and enjoy your life and love !

Thanks for reading





Actress, life model , blogger and writer , originally from italy but living in Uk since 2011 .She lives for art

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Laura Bernardeschi

Laura Bernardeschi

Actress, life model , blogger and writer , originally from italy but living in Uk since 2011 .She lives for art

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