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The reason I stop trusting Trustpilot .

The system of reference in the Uk is very important.

References are considered very important in Uk and if you arrive to choose a product, a school, a job or a website is because of them.

In the past, I have often watched at a website called Trustpilot before deciding because I thought the references were added with care and respect.

But after a few episodes, I have stopped believing in Trustpilot and looked instead on other websites like Sitejabber or Google Maps where people have more freedom to write their real opinion.

To my surprise, it seems I am not alone to be disappointed because the web is full of these comments against Trustpilot.

On, for example, someone is complaining about the fake positive reviews written on Trustpilot about Royal mail.

Three times my negative reference was canceled by Trustpilot for banal excuses.

Websites and companies pay Trustpilot to increase their credibility and optimize the SEO google search on the web. These companies are the customers of Trustpilot and obviously, they pretend always positive references.

Because of this , the success of your reference depends on the reaction of the company or website once you have written it.

In my case, I wrote a negative reference to a modeling website for amateurs called that in my opinion , should be checked by the authority for a series of reasons.

Everyone can join it and no Id or security checks such as age or address or photo are asked at their subscribers called VIP once they decide to pay a subscription.

Young unexperienced girls are pushed to write casting where offer themselves as professional models for photoshoots with old , unexperienced and rich men called professional photographers.

It is a real vanity fair where everyone can be and write what wish more. No contract of work or liability insurance is suggested on that website increasing illegal work and omission of the payment of taxes.

These people are asking £30/40 per hour or £150/200 for 4 hours or £280/350 for seven hours. A great amount of money if we think they are just students or housewives or pensioners or bored employers with no experience and professionalism.

At the end of all this, young brainwashed girls find themselves most of the time naked and alone working with these faked photographers in their homes, unknown studios, isolated locations, or hotel rooms paid in cash, with no proof of their work if molested or attacked.

More than once news of faked photographers taking advantage of amateur models have been on the news but the website is still there with the 4 stars of credibility of Trustpilot.

Why they did delete my reference.

In the past, I have been a member of the website as a model and artist thinking it was a good platform to find a job and creatives.

But after a couple of years, I deleted my two profiles thinking I was losing my time, ruining my credibility as an artist, and risking my life with those lack of checks on identity of its members.

Many other people did the same deciding to write their opinion on Trustpilot and Sitejabber .

As you can see in the pic,

on Sitejabber this website has 2 stars while on Trustpilot 4 stars and half.

I asked Trustpilot why they deleted my reference and they told me the owner and the admins of the website could not find me and my reference was not real.

Well, this is a lie.

First of all, rarely do people use their real name on purpleport and this is a reason for my complaint because a criminal or pedophile can hide easily if nobody checks his Id with a photo. But on Trustpilot this is a good reason to cancel our references.

By the way, in a couple of days, they asked me to show proof of my membership.

I rarely delete my emails so fortunately, I could find all the correspondence between purpleport and myself.

They ask for proof of the payment of the membership but on purpleport you can use a free account as i did .

By the way, I sent a few old emails to show I was a member of the website, but Trustpilot immediately answered me that they could not accept this because my correspondence was one year and one month old and they can accept instead up to 1 year.

On Sitejabber never had problems with this instead.

At this point, I understood that Trustpilot is manipulated by the websites or companies that are paying its employers.

This is not fair because people can get in trouble for fake references done most of the time by friends or family members or employers of these websites.

In conclusion, I have stopped trusting them in favor of Google Maps or Sitejabber or power of words .

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