Why in Uk a nurse risking her life in a hospital is paid less than £15 per hour and a nut joining purpleport dot com is paid as an amateur model in cash £35 per hour?

This 2020 is the year of big changes and questions waiting for an answer.

So guys …. why a nurse is paid less than a nut who decide today to join a website called purpleport ?

Purpleport dot com was created 9 years ago to connect people who are interested in photography and modelling. There is a subscription to pay to be part of the purple circle and from that moment people are free to write everything they wish. Unfortunately, the website does not check who is joining it and there is the risk to meet maniacs or psychopaths. The website is presented as a place for amateurs where everything should be based on collaborations that in the photographic world is called TF …but this is not what is happening in the reality behind those purple faked curtains.

What is happening in purpleport and similar websites in this 2020 ?

Here some example

A young model of Hungerford 3 weeks joined the purple site. She is just 5.5 and not a great beauty. She has not to experience apart offering herself for photoshoots posing naked in her home or in unknown studios of useless rich and perverted men of Swindon or Chippenham.

Nobody knows her face but soon she will be recognised for the shape of her bum and tits. Unfortunately, this is what is doing that sort of website with innocent girls brainwashed by clever old men with the promise to become famous models.

But the young girl in the countryside is clever and greedy and immediately understands the mechanism of purpleport .

So this nut immediately starts to advertise herself asking £35 per hour up to £240 for 7 hours !!

£240 with no experience in modelling!!!

No contract of work and paid in cash at the end !!!!

On purpleport no admin advises people to pay their debts with the taxmen and no payment is going through the website even if people confirm their work through the castings written and advertised through the platform!

It is like if I sell my fashion brand using the platform of Amazon but all the payments come directly into my pockets without Amazon intermediation! Do you think Amazon would be right in such a ‘risky’ business?

Onlyfans is surely better than purpleport and helps people who work through the platform to respect the rules.

What is happening?

I found the mechanism very odd … I would say unique compared to other better websites as onlyfans where everyone is checked properly before being accepted by the platform and where the admins remind everyone to pay the due taxes! I love onlyfans ! All the payments happen through the platform and had to send three times my picture next to the ID to be verified!

But let's go back to the example of the clever and greedy nut of Hungerford .

She advertises her new castings in her house in this period!

Pubs and restaurants are fined if people are not wearing a facemask but nobody is thinking at the purple website who is not stopping people to work from their home or small studios of the countryside going against the rules of the government a! Also, social distance on purpleport is an utopia ?

But the clever new model is not alone …plenty of nuts are offering themselves to work from home, naked or dressed paid in cash and surely not interested to declare their earnings to the clever taxman.

The two faces of England

On the other side, we have serious self-employed struggling with the cruel reality created by the covid crisis or nurses paid less than £15 per hour to risk their life working with infected people every day.

Where is the justice in the UK?

What is doing the government to stop this illicit work hidden behind this sort of websites for amateur models and photographers?

Lots of people are involved in the business and many of them are doing a fortune behind the back of honest taxpayers and workers .


People can do what they like more …no problem for that … but justice should be the same for everyone

Thanks for reading



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Laura Bernardeschi

Actress, life model , blogger and writer , originally from italy but living in Uk since 2011 .She lives for art