Why people are leaving London to live in the North East of England.

Laura Bernardeschi
6 min readMar 16


The first years in the capital .

I arrived in the Uk in 2011 and i lived in London for 8 long years . Since my arrival I enjoyed the energy and creativity of the capital becoming a professional artist and i a stronger and undipendent woman .

But after a few years i realised that London with all its beauty could not give to me what i was looking more or better love and an house of my own property .

I always look at London like a mermaid enchanting people with its beauty , lights, theatres, events, museums, parks, monuments , music , the Royals , history and art galleries .

But after all these golden introduction London is holding the souls of people leaving them dried like empty nuts.

The same happened to me when i was living in the big smoke .I was working for the first time in my life nine or ten hours a day , trying to pay the bills and traveling also three hours on the expensive tube to commute from my home to the place where i was working .

People must understand that the capital is so huge that when you have to travel ,for example , from east to west it is minimum one hour and half .

But i was happy in those days because everything was new for me coming from a bigot country like Italy and i did not feel tired when i was working for long hours in film productions as an actress or as a life model in art academies .

But after a few years i realised that i was still paying an enormous amount of money to live in a small bedroom in a flat shared with other and wasting hours of my life on crowded and expensive trains .

Therefore , thinking to improve my life far from landlords and flatmates i decided to buy an old narrow boat but unfortunately that experience was again expensive .

In London the greedy River Trust Canal treat boaters without respect and chase people with their stupid rules about miles ,pretending to be paid a fortune for their licence because people are using public canals and rivers !

After eight years of this life fighting with landlords , flatmates and River trust canal i had enough , so in 2019 I decided to close my chapter with London for a cheaper and quieter place.

I immediately abandoned the idea to live around London because the costs of the trains are enormous and the service can be a disastrous.

Living in the outskirts of the capital is not cheaper.

People think that is a good deal buying a cheaper new house just outside London in small towns created for this purpose but they do not think how bad are the trains in Uk , lately on strikes at least three or four days a month , crowded and expensive .

An annual ticket can cost also eight thousand a year ( just to commute one hour outside the capital ).

Bristol was not a great escape from London.

After all my researches I finally decided to move to Bristol following the advice of a few colleagues in 2019 .

But unfortunately quite soon i realised that Bristol was not so artistic like London , not so very elegant , just a couple of museums and super expensive !

But why the prices of the houses became so expensive in the shabby Bristol ?

Because someone in 2018/2019 started to advertise Bristol like a small happy London and during the lockdown many Londoners working from home decided to find a place to rent or buy in Bristol . But because the request was more than the flats available , the rich Londoners bid with a larger amount of money to get their flats .

This process unfortunately increased the cost of the houses in just one year! A flat that could be rent for £700 a month , after a year was on the market for £850!

I was not happy and I wanted to leave Bristol after eight months from my arrival but i was forced to stay other two years for the covid pandemic, living in a large room transformed in a micro flat in Cotham for £650 pound a month plus expenses.

Practically i was paying £850 pound a month for a large room that the greedy landlord had transformed in a micro flat with a minute bathroom kitchen and an electric heating that cost me a fortune .

The same landlord asked me to pay her old grey carpet when i left after 3 years ( two spent in lockdown ) because she found a few spot of acrylic paint on it !

Finally i discovered Newcastle upon tyne during one of my holidays in September 2021.

When i arrived in this city for my holiday i was almost sad because the southerns told me the city was uninteresting and poor.

But as soon as I arrived i felt in love with Newcastle for its beauty , elegance , theatres , art galleries and museums .

The Geordies ( people living in Newcastle ) were kind and ready to help and I immediately noticed the price of the rents were half than Bristol and one third than London !

Because i had enough of landlords with their stupid rules i had a look at the flats to buy and i discovered that a few two bedroom flats in very good conditions were on the market for less than £90.000 !

I was so surprised about these prices that i thought at scams .But after visiting a few estate agents i realised that the prices in Newcastle were excellent and real .

So immediately i started to look for a job to move in the north east to realise my project to buy my own property .

Finding a job was quite easy and in one month i moved from Bristol to Newcastle , i found the flat to buy and my new partner .

Everything went well and easy .

With the money i used to buy my two bedrooms flat in Newcastle , i could buy a 40% of a shared ownership in Bristol and maybe only a shed in London .

I do not understand why in the South of England the prices of houses are so expensive .

It is the same country , with the same rules and the same weather .

A few told me that Newcastle is like the North Pole but after living here since November 2021 i must admit that is not colder than Bristol and London for most of the year .

There is a metro system that is quite good and cheaper than the tube in London . In Bristol there are only buses that often arrive late or do not stop because the driver is late for the dinner with his wife !

Finally here in the North east I can work only six hours a day ( no more nine or ten like in London !) save money and enjoy my life in the excellent night life of the capital .

Then if you wish silence and a connection with the nature you can take a bus or a train and going to visit the North Sea and villages in the Northumberland park just 30 minutes from the city.

Everything is perfect here and never i will miss my life in the South .

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Laura Bernardeschi

Actress, life model , blogger and writer , originally from italy but living in Uk since 2011 .She lives for art