Why Sex predators and ghost models are not stopped behind those British modelling websites !

Here the last account removed recently from these websites for a story of sexual abuses in a photographic studio !

Always the same story …again and again .

Why it happens so often ?Everyone can join these websites without being checked and it is so easy to create fake profiles using fantasy names , faked experiences , faked feedback and faked pictures !

The admins are only interested in the number of subscribers ready to pay their vip subscription , but they do not care about the safety of their actors.

No ID is requested , no bank details are necessary to join these websites because thr payments happen outside the platform all the time !

In the picture it is clearly explained people who are banned previously can easily come back with faked details .

Through these websites, women are looking for jobs as professional models but often they find themselves naked in hotel bedrooms or in unknown studios or in the house of men never met before with the risk to be raped !

As can be seen clearly in the message of this website often people are looking or offering sexual services !

Total illogical and even dangerous .

My question is : why these websites close the profile of these perverts after the rape is happened and do not act from the beginning to prevent them ?

Models often do not share their bad experience with their colleagues part of these weirdos and arrogant old men because they know they will be abandoned to their destiny .

Last day for curiosity i asked in a tread why models are paid in cash !

And immediately a bunch of four /five men came to me saying i was crazy and probably nobody was calling me to work as a model because of it .

Here some pieces of the conversation when i was writing , models must know their rights but also the rules to be respected as professionals . Really offensive , for example , the answer of this man banalizing my question with stories connected to the big brother and hot lines.

Another big problem is the payments of these models.

Most of them are housewives , students or amateurs.

They have no clue of their work and trust the old men that pay them up to 300 pound a day in cash without signing a contract of work !

Here some example OF STANDARD RATES found in a profile of one of these amateur models working most of the time from her home :

When I ask why only on amateur modeling websites in uk , people are allowed to be paid in cash came out this answer :

Plumbers are like models ?

Well a plumber has surely an UTR number , has an insurance and can claim through the court his money if no paid at the end of the work .

But these models working withour any contract , paid in cash and with no insurance how can claim their money if their employee decide no to pay them ?

Here another answer i had during the tread :

Photographers prefer paying in cash so can hide their hobby taking pictures at naked toy models to their families !

This is not fair and totally against decent rules in the modeling world !




Actress, life model , blogger and writer , originally from italy but living in Uk since 2011 .She lives for art

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Laura Bernardeschi

Laura Bernardeschi

Actress, life model , blogger and writer , originally from italy but living in Uk since 2011 .She lives for art

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