Why The Tories are not stopping modelling ghost jobs paid up to £300 a day and increasing instead the minimum wage of honest workers in UK ? Why this difference ?

Laura Bernardeschi
5 min readSep 29, 2021


Everyone can see from this article on the left that a lot of people in Uk still now after Covid pandemic are earning £8.91 per hour and almost 7 million of people less than £10.90 per hour !

But this government has not stopped the rise of rents , mortgages , fuels, food ,electricity and gas .

Single people and families struggle to arrive at the end of the month with these low rates and most of them need to ask loans to the bank or help to their parents or friends .

Lots of singles in London for example try to live in overcrowded shared flats to reduce the costs of the rent but also this is not enough .

Traveling in the capital is expensive, and forget to use everyday a train to commute just outside the capital .

I worked for a famous fast food in London for 6 years with a contract at zero hours and with the minimum wage.

Now i should work nine hours a day to save some money to survive hoping no to get sick because i could not receive any help from the company and even worser, from the government !

Here some example of my monthly earnings if i should work now in the same company :

  • minimum wage is £8.91 x 8hours a day x 5 days a week is £360
  • In a month i can get £1450 less taxes !
  • In these sort of companies you must work 9 hours to be paid 8 hours because 45 minutes of break are not included.
  • Expenses to live in London :
  • 700/800 pound for the rent of a shared flat
  • £200 in travels

Practically I should work 9 hours a day to have in my wallet £500 a month ! Surely not enough to open a saving account for unexpected costs or a new pandemic .

Sometimes these people working with the minimum wage decide to work less that 32 hours a week to get some benefit to do some evening course to improve their position . But now the tories have changed the rules and it is starting to become difficult to get the Universal credits .

And remember in a family with children only a parent can work 9 hours a day!

The other parent must stay at home following the kids otherwise the social services can knock at their doors asking explanations !

Maybe one parent can get some job to pay the bills for their kids working from home but it will not be enough.

Here the other reality in UK involving naked women !

Expensive Ghost models behind modelling websites for amateurs with no experience start their rates at £20 per hour !

Here a new model is writing all proud of herself in her profile this note trying to get some ghost photoshoot :

There are a few British modelling websites and it is easy to find them on google to read what their amateur invisible actors are writing around.

They were created around 10 years ago to compensate the requests of rich pensioners ( most of them ex government officers, teachers , professionals , solicitors , engineers or soldiers ) looking for young and mature women ready to take off their dress .

In these websites there are no rules :

  • everyone can join them
  • no experienced is requested ( so in a day an housewife becomes a fashion model and a pensioner the new Helmut newton )
  • no ID is requested and young girls could work naked underage with men of the same age of their grandfathers declaring to be professional photographers
  • payments most of the time in cash so the pensioners can hide their passion for naked young women to their old wives !
  • payments outside the platform
  • no contracts of work
  • no liability insurances
  • no safety for women ready to take off their outfits and work naked in unknown studios, hotel rooms and isolated locations with men never verified !
  • nobody tell these people to pay their taxes if they become self employed because it is easy to earn more than £1000 a year in that naked flesh market

Why the rates for these amateur people are so high ?

Nobody knows …it is a world of no rules protected by someone who is probably rich and with a position going around to take these pictures as a professional photographer or artist with his old male friends .

The scene becomes even more complicated when you look at the rates and agenda of more known ghost models who have worked now for almost nine years .

Here an example of one of these models living in England organising a future tour in Ireland :

This amateur model is really asking £240 or £210 per day ? Nobody knows because it depends on the levels and how much the old rich pensioner is ready to pay.

But if you look at her calendar it appears she is earning for just 5days over £1200 !!

She will do her self assessment in January to be ok with the law?

And this is just a week in her portfolio of this modelling websites !

While people with a normal and regular job struggle to arrive at the end of the month , the agenda of this ghost model paid in cash with no contracts of work advertising her tours on this website is full of events and she will earn at least £35.000 a year .

In conclusion.

The Unions and the opposition should be more active to stop these Tories to allow this difference between the amateur artistic work with naked women and honest dressed regular taxpayers !



Laura Bernardeschi

Actress, life model , blogger and writer , originally from italy but living in Uk since 2011 .She lives for art