Wiltshire, Lacock village and its history about the White Horses.

I have lived for 3 years part of my life in Wiltshire in a small village called Baydon and even now after 2 years far from that place I still have lots of love for that region.

I love Wiltshire for its chalk hills and history connected to prehistory like Stonehenge and the Romans.

So last Saturday I decided to have 11 km of hiking with my friends discovering a new part of this large county in England.

We arrived in about 45 minutes by car from Bristol and our first appointment was at the White Horse on the hill near Bratton Camp about 2.4 km from Westbury.

It is located on the edge of Bratton Downs and lying just below an Iron Age hill fort.

It was restored in 1778. It is 55m tall and 52 mt wide and had been adopted as a symbol of the town of Westbury.

We started our walk from the White Horse all around the windy hills with obviously a stop in a pub to have some rest and a good cider.

At the end of the walkthrough amazing fields, we decided to take the car and go visiting a small village called Lacock.

Lacock village, an unknown pearl of the English countryside.

Lacock is mentioned in the Domesday Book.

The Abbey.

It was founded on the manorial lands by Ela, countess of Salisbury and established in 1232; the village was granted a market and developed a thriving woollen industry during the Middle Ages.

It was nice walking around the small streets smelling history and real English traditions, included the ghosts in the old houses

Because I work as an actress, I must remind at my followers that Lacock was used by several productions for famous films like Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and the most recent Fantastic beasts: the crimes of Grindelwald.

During the visit to the village we could buy some small artworks or bags full of lavender flowers left by the artists on the windows of their old but beautiful houses.

It was so strange for me seeing how people still trust unknown visitors of their village.

At the end of our walk, we took our car to come back to Bristol ready for another adventure for the next Saturday.



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Laura Bernardeschi

Actress, life model , blogger and writer , originally from italy but living in Uk since 2011 .She lives for art